Réglement du concours



Foire aux questions

What are the registration and communication procedures with the organizers?

  1. Registration is only done via the registration form. Make sure you have your CVs and those of your team if there are several of you.
  2. One-Pagers and Business Cases are sent by email, exclusively to
  3. The results of the 1st phase will be announced by email around February 19
  4. We will send you invitations by email to the various events, and any additional information
  5. If you have any questions: write to us at

When do I have to make my final choice of categories?

When you register, you can indicate the categories for which you plan to apply.
When sending one-pagers, it is advisable to fill in your categories. If you have any doubts, a coach can help you identify them before sending the Business Case.
When sending the Business Case, the categories are mandatory

Can I choose a "sub-sector" from the different banking trades and functions that are offered?

It is advisable, here are some examples. Attention this list is not exhaustive

  1. CIB Business line: capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, coverage,...
  2. Retail business: opening individual accounts, corporate customer relationship management, consumer credit,...
  3. Operations: reconciliation, seizure, due diligence KYC,...
  4. Risks, compliance, legal, finance-ALM: credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, tax, anti-money laundering, KYC, professional ethics,...

Can I propose an unlisted category?

Yes, but the job/function category must be in the banking sector

I am not in France, is it a problem ?

We have already had cases of people abroad. If you arrive in the support phase, we can organize ourselves by skype. And we'll find a way to make up for any absences from events

How would I be supported in the design of my prototype if my idea is selected?

We will assign you a coach who will provide you with project management assistance and technical support if necessary. However, you remain responsible for the progress of your project.

How many businesscases will be selected at the end of the first step?

We set no limits and will only evaluate ourselves in terms of the innovative aspect of ideas and the quality of productions.

What follow-up to the competition can I imagine if I am a participant?

Projects with high potential will be evaluated by the partners' incubation/acceleration structures.